EZ-LAN makes today’s complex show networking easier and accessible for everyone. These simple to operate yet powerful Gigabit Ethernet switches distribute up to four discrete networks – lighting, audio, content, server, console, or communications – quickly, effortlessly, and simultaneously. Users untrained in the complexities of managed networking can easily isolate networks and access and change VLAN assignments with a single button press. With 16 ports, assignable in up to four separate groups, EZ-LAN is a revolutionary addition to the ProPlex Data Distribution range of multiple format data management systems, all designed and built to withstand “Life on the Road.”

  • EZ-User configurable, high-throughput Gigabit Switch
  • Simultaneously separate and distribute up to four discrete networks – e.g lighting, audio, media, content, console, communications – with a few button presses
  • Two EZ-LANs do the work of up to 8 unmanaged Gigabit switches
  • 16 ports assignable in up to four, four-port groups
  • Add a second fibre or copper connection for automatic redundancy and twice the speed
  • 16 EtherCon LAN ports, 2 EtherCon Trunk ports, 2 OpticalCon Trunk ports (Quad standard. Duo optional)
  • Compatible with a wide range of entertainment-specific protocols, including AES67, ArtNet, Dante, GreenGo, HippoNet, HogNet, Livewire, MA-Net 2/3, Q-LAN, RAVENNA, RDMNet, sACN, and more!